Monday, July 27, 2015

Income Inequality Debate

Is Income Inequality real? I absolutely believe it is. Unlike some, I do not believe that is the responsibility of the government or even your boss to make things more equal . I believe that your income is your responsibility, not the responsibility of the government, your boss, or any other mysterious they . Recently, I watched a quick interview with Mike Rowe and really enjoyed a lot of what he had to say. I have included the video below for you to review: I loved this question: or do you want the opportunity for greatness? . I really have to say that I agree with Mike Rowe s statement about the idea that we stay in a particular class or group. I ve lived in the poor class where I actually needed assistance to feed my 5 kids. The application was rejected. Even though I wasn t able to pay my rent, keep my lights on, or make a modest car payment (despite having multiple part-time jobs), I was told I make too much money . I ve also lived in that middle class group we all love to talk a

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