Monday, July 27, 2015

How I Build My Businesses Online

I ve made my living online since the year 2000. I had to spend some time learning new things and I still learn new things, now. I wanted to use this article to show you EXACTLY what I ve done and how I have used this system over the past 15 years to build my businesses. There are basically three steps I follow, consistently. I do them all the time. They are: 1) Advertise. I advertise all over the place, including on Facebook and my own advertising web site: I also write blog articles here and at the blog for 2) Capture Leads. When I advertise, I am promoting a capture page that I get through my AutoResponder company: The capture page is designed to offer free information on my offers to visitors. The visitors get to the capture page from the advertising that I am doing. If they want to know more about what I m offering, they fill out the form. 3) Follow Up. Using that same AutoResponder service, I follow up with my pros

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