Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Yes! This Stuff Actually Works!

I ve been doing this home based business stuff for 15 years. After raising 5 kids, traveling all over the place, never (almost never) having to set my alarm clock, and working in countries all over the world without leaving my desk, people still ask me, Does that stuff actually work? It would be one thing to keep writing and talking about my own story. I ve enjoyed a great lifestyle and a lot of freedom from working on my home based business. But this time, I want to share some of the success stories from some of the people I m working with on this amazing project. It is my pleasure to introduce you to some of my amazing team members and their incredible stories: Bobby and Mary Ledford, Jersey Village Tx: This amazing couple got started with us and qualified for an amazing Lifestyle bonus within their first month!They are absolutely dedicated to helping their team succeed and are a LOT of fun to work with!That beautiful baby girl is a big part of their why .They are dedicated to makin

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