Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Power Of One

There is no such thing as an Overnight Success Story . Brian Rooney, Home Based Business Coach That person that seems to have suddenly come out of nowhere to achieve a quick rank was quietly working away while nobody knew who they were. They were working on personal development. They were attending trainings. They may have been that person that kept showing up for meetings even when they didn t have any guests. They may have been with a few different companies before this one. All that time was spent working on becoming the person they knew they needed to be. We just didn t hear about them until they ranked up and stood on stage. When we see someone in an article, on stage, or in a video, we don t see the journey that brought them to that place of achievement. But believe me they had a journey. They undoubtedly had times where they thought they would quit. They had people tell them they were crazy. They had people on their team quit. They had people tell them no . They STILL have peop

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