Thursday, April 17, 2014

Home Based Business or Ponzi Scheme

Do You Know The Difference? As many of you know, I ve made my living in the home based business / network marketing arena since the year 2000. Thanks to this incredible industry, a guy that dropped out of college after just 8 weeks was able to conduct business on a global scale while raising 5 kids and enjoying a fairly nice lifestyle. I was never listed as a mega-gazillionaire and I never appeared  on the cover of Forbes. What I did do was enjoy  my time with my family, take some incredible vacations, and be there for my kids as their DAD. I didn t have to miss the important events or the gosh, that would be fun events. I enjoyed life with my family. When life was good, we were all able to enjoy it together. When life was challenging, we were able to face those challenges together. I didn t have to leave my family to go to the office every week day. Still, when I talk to someone about the benefits of a home based business, I have to chuckle when someone just regurgitates some worn

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