Wednesday, March 5, 2014

$500 Monthly Residual Income

Brian Rooney, Home Based Business Coach Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you had another $500 coming in each and every month? I mean have you REALLY thought about it? What would you do with another $500 per month coming in? Would you pay off those credit cards? pay off that student loan? get caught up on that car payment? pay down some past due bills? go on a nice vacation? buy some new clothes? The next question becomes: How do you get that additional $500 per month coming in? The possibilities most folks think of include things like: Ask for a raise (good luck) Ask for more hours (good luck) Find another job. But then the added expense of getting and keeping the extra job, paying for additional child care, meals while you re out, wear and tear on the vehicle, added gas expenses, and the possibility of more clothes or tools make that extra job pretty much a wash. Start a side business. For my money, starting a side business makes more sense. And this is one of the re

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