Monday, February 17, 2014

Pay To Work?

Brian Rooney, Home Based Business Coach I finished a strong presentation. I felt really good about it. I showed the power and appeal of our service. My prospect was excited about that. I explained the compensation plan. His eyes lit up. I showed all the reasons for why someone would want to join my team and work with me and get started ASAP. My prospect looked at me and said, Man that sounds great. Clearly, you re doing very well. But I just will not pay to work for someone else. . I almost did a spit-take with the coffee I was drinking! I looked at my prospect and said, Tell me you re joking . He had recently told me about his ridiculously high student loan payments that he was behind on. He had told me how, even though he had achieved the degree he had worked for, he couldn t find a job in that industry. The college recruiters and loan officers all but guaranteed him a job when they were recruiting him. He had told me  how he didn t think there were any jobs out there for him in hi

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