Monday, January 19, 2009

You Bet I Practice What I Preach!

Sometimes, members will email me to say something like, "Yeah... I read all your articles and stuff but can you send me something that I can use to get started with making money online?".

I guess they think that I have some super-secret methods that I don't share about in my blog posts, tweets, articles, etc...

But I want to be very clear: All this stuff I'm teaching you to do .... THAT is what I do, personally!

When I post something about blogging .... I get that from blogging.
When I post something about using Twitter... I get that from using Twitter.
When I post something about article marketing... I get that from my actual article marketing.

I practice what I preach, folks! And THAT is why I make money online.

When you read it from me, you can believe that I have personally walked it out and THAT is why I can share it with you!

Put all that reading and all that thinking in to action today and start earning.

1 comment:

Peter Wright said...

Good one Brian

From our communication recently I'll verify you do practice what you preach.