Friday, January 9, 2009

Stop Whining! Get Back Up and Keep Going!

One of my biggest pet peeves in life is when people (especially grown adults) whine to me about how I don't understand how hard it is. I suppose they have this image in their mind that I was somehow born with a business and have always been able to make money from home.

The reality is that when I started learning Internet Marketing, I was holding down multiple jobs during the day, having to support five kids, and do most of my studying and internet marketing at night. There were times I might not sleep for 2 or 3 days.

But I knew (and I do mean "KNEW") that I had to start doing things differently or I was going to continue struggling to scrape by for the rest of my life.

So when someone says to me, "You just don't understand how hard it is. I have a job I have to do during the day and 2 children at home.", they are right. I don't understand how they can have it so EASY and still complain and whine instead of just doing what it takes!

I've always been a believer in "You Can Make Excuses Or Money. NOT BOTH".

I wanted to share this amazing little video about someone else that has had it MUCH tougher than most anyone else on this planet. But they are a perfect example of continuing to get up and succeed in life no matter how many times you fall down.


Peter Wright said...

I agree 100% with you Brian, I've had more than my share of misfortune but I take the view that getting up AGAIN makes you stronger and the lessons help you succeed. Thanks for sharing the video.

Brian Rooney, LLC said...

I heard that! I think pretty much everyone of us has stories about various challenges. Some people that know me well wonder how I've managed through some of the trials I've had in life.

But if I ever start to get down on myself and get going on some sort of pity party, all I have to do is think of this amazing individual and others like him and ask myself, "Really? You want to whine right now? Get up!"

Such an amazing story of overcoming and perseverance.

I hope everyone of us can learn from this man and his courage.