Saturday, January 10, 2009

Do You Want E-Mail Marketing Results?

Hi, Folks.

Every day, (and I do mean EVERY day), I get emails from people that are frustrated by their lack of e-mail marketing results.

"I don't have a list."
"Nobody buys what I'm offering."
"I don't know what works."
"I'm not a technical computer person."
and the list goes on.

One of the keys to success is to find someone that is doing what you want to do and then ....

Do What They Do!

So .... let me give you an idea of what I do.

1) I have over 200 new people ASKING ME for information on my offer every single month.

UPDATE: This has grown to over 300 people asking for information every month!

2) I am able to generate new sales in MINUTES.

3) I can tell you EXACTLY which headline worked better than another.

4) I can tell you EXACTLY which of my ads are getting results.

5) I know EXACTLY how many people respond to my ads.

And believe me ... there is more.

All of this (and much more) is included in your training.

The best part is that MOST of the stuff I do is absolutely FREE! I started spending money on some of the techniques AFTER I was generating profits.

Want to know the secrets to generating 200 new leads every single month, tracking your ads, and creating sales? Log in to your back office and click "Training Articles". Subscribe to my training series. There are two:

1 for Affiliates (how to earn with
1 for Customers (how to use and profit from the tools in your business).

EVERYBODY should subscribe to the tools training.

And if you want to earn with the Affiliate plan, subscribe to the affiliate training!

You can follow along with me as I use the exact same strategies I teach you to use in building and profiting from your lists.

And even better... as I learn new strategies and put them to the test, I turn around and teach you the same stuff!

If you want E-Mail Marketing Results ... Start by requesting your training in your back office today!

Brian Rooney LLC

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Peter Wright said...

Here is how Brian's training articles emails helped me.

I had opened my account with TrafficWave a few months back, had been paying my monthly fee and despite the best intentions, done very little with it.

Probably,like many newcomers to Internet marketing, I put TrafficWave on my to-do list everyday, did log on and review the training articles spasmodically.

As I am just an old farmer from the bush in Africa at heart and relatively new to modern technology, (I cut my teeth on MsDos) I had two major problems getting started:

I felt somewhat overwhelmed by the numerous training articles and the many steps necessary to set the system up.

I was absolutely terrified of messing it up, sending messages to the wrong people and getting blacklisted or worse as a spammer!

These are the benefits I have harvested from the training emails:

1) Because they are emailed individually, I only need to focus on one activity at a time. Not at all overwhelming.

2) As they arrive in a logical sequence, my knowledge base has been built incrementally.

3) Acquiring skills in this way gave me the confidence to set up my first autoresponder.

4) With this confidence, I ran a trial using my other personal email addresses and those of family members to re-assure myself that it worked.

The net result is that over the holiday period, I not only set up 3 autoresponders, but I also finished designing and publishing a website to capture leads for my mailing list, and drafted an outline for my first newsletter.

I am not yet finished, my website needs some refinement, I need to master the adtracker system and design custom capture forms for my website.

The bottom line is that, thanks to the emails, I have accomplished in 2 weeks a goal that I have been procrastinating on for 6 months.

- Peter Wright
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