Monday, December 15, 2008

How I Generated Sales In MINUTES with AutoResponders

I wanted to give you an example of something I just did that demonstrates the power of the AutoResponder system and how you can use these tools in your own business.

Today, I decided that I wanted to run a promotion out to my subscriber list to see if I could bring on some new clients. I've built a list of a little more than 6,300 subscribers and this list is interested in learning how AutoResponders can help them boost sales.

Using nothing more than some of the techniques I teach in the training series, I did the following:

  1. I created an AdTracker URL because I knew I would want to track the results of the broadcast I was going to create.
  2.  I loaded a few graphics to my AutoResponder account because I knew I wanted to polish up my broadcast message a bit to make it stand out.
  3. I created my message using the WYSIWYG Editor in my AutoResponder.
  4. I linked the graphics and links in my message to the AdTracker URL I created in step 1. 
  5. I scheduled a Broadcast to go out "Now" in my AutoResponder.

That was around 1PM this afternoon. (I'm writing this on Monday, Dec 15, 2008.) I would estimate that it took me around an hour or so to create the full message.

By 3:53PM, here is what has happened, so far:

  • My broadcast has gone out.
  • 20 people have clicked the link in my Broadcast message.
  • My sales count for the day has already gone up. I actually started seeing clicks and sales happening within 20 minutes of scheduling my broadcast!
Do you get what just happened?

Using my AutoResponder, I was able to create a message, broadcast it out to my subscribers, and I started seeing sales come in within minutes!

This is why I am so focused on and passionate about building my lists and teaching our members to do the same. As your list grows, you will be able to use this same technique to bring in sales literally any time you like.

The key is to build your list of targeted subscribers. Be sure you are giving them relevant and valuable information so that they look forward to receiving your messages.

And always ... ALWAYS ... track your results. Your account makes it easy to track the open rates and click-through rates for any of your messages at any time.

NOTE to members: Each of these techniques has been covered in previous training articles that you have received. If you are unclear about any of the techniques I mention above, log in to your back office and view the Training Articles that apply to that technique.

Once you have learned how to apply these techniques, your AutoResponder literally works like your own online ATM. By sending a targeted well-written offer to your subscribers, you can begin generating new sales at the click of a button.

And all of this is yours for less than sixty cents a day!

NOTE: Before saving this message, I checked my AdTracker stats again. I now have 23 clicks on that message that was sent out via the Broadcast feature!

I have no doubt that you can begin experiencing these same results in your own business as your list and your experience level grow.

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Brian Rooney, LLC said...


As of 4PM, Wed, Dec 17, my stats are:

359 opens from the broadcast that was sent out on Monday.

55 clicks on the ad, so far.

Ask me again why I love Email Marketing with AutoResponders!