Thursday, November 20, 2008

Use AutoResponder Email Marketing To Convert Visitors In To Sales

You work hard to get visitors to your web site.

And for good reason. Visitors are the lifeblood of your business. No visitors means no sales. Everyone knows that.

So we work on things like:

Writing and Submitting Articles
Press Releases
Classified Advertising
Building backlinks
Creating a blog
Emailing our friends
Social Networking Sites:
* Twitter
* Facebook
* Myspace
* Digg
Participating in Discussion Forums
Buying Banner Ads
Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
Search Engine Optimization
And more ....

And then visitors come.

Don't get too excited. Most visitors don't buy the first time they visit a web site. They are looking for information, comparing prices, checking for credibility, looking for testimonials, etc...

So how do you get those visitors to come back?

Add an autoresponder subscription form to your web site. Some people refer to these forms as lead capture forms. The purpose is simple: To capture your visitors' information so you can follow up with them.

Why is this important?

Remember that visitors hardly ever (almost never) purchase when they first visit a web site. Research suggests that prospects need to be exposed to your offer an average of 7 times before they will make a decision to purchase from you.

This is why it is critical that you add lead capture forms to your web site so that you can gather information from your visitors.

This is where your email marketing begins. You can now follow up with those prospects over and over again, providing valuable and relevant information that helps you:

1) Build credibility.
2) Increase exposure.
3) Generate repeat visitors.
4) Close more sales.

The big question is usually:

How Do I Get Them To Fill Out The Form?

It can be as simple as adding a line above the form that says:

Join Our Mailing List and Receive Important Updates

or you could use a bribe. Yep ... free information is still something people will usually give you a name and email address for if it is information they are interested in receiving.

In my case, as I am presenting information on AutoResponders to my visitors, my lead capture form says:

Free Report: How To Boost Sales With AutoResponders.

And every day, people fill out that form.

They found my site online either on an ad somewhere, a banner they clicked on, a search engine result they liked, an article they read, etc... I do a lot of advertising (most of it absolutely free). And when people come to my site, I know they are interested in how autoresponders can help them boost their sales.

So I offer them a free report on how autoresponders can help them do just that.

When they request my information, they get informative tips and suggestions on how they can use autoresponders and email marketing. I give a few specific steps, show them how they might create their own follow-up messages, give some of my own insights, share a few testimonials, etc...

And each letter closes by presenting them with my offer: A Free 30 Day Trial of the AutoResponder system.

Does it work?

Every single day.

Every single day, I get more subscribers (people requesting my information).
And every single day, I get more customers (people that decide to try my AutoResponder system).

If you're not adding autoresponder subscription forms (lead capture forms) to your own web sites and blogs, you are missing out on a LOT of potential sales!

Brian Rooney LLC


Jay said...

Very good article Brian and so true. I have been using your autoresponder system and know it definately works.

I don't know how many sales I have lost in the past when I wasn't using an autoresponder. Hurts to think about it.

At least I smartened up and use them as one of my must have marketing tools.

Brian Rooney, LLC said...

Been there done that, Jay! That was really what lead me to start back in the year 2000. I was losing too many sales because leads and inquiries were falling through the cracks.

Don't know what I'd do without my AutoResponder now!

Brian Rooney LLC

Alexei Zoubov said...

Very ggod!
I was using TrafficWave for a while and I want to commend you on improving and adding features. I already started to promote TW and have my first sign-ups.

Brian Rooney, LLC said...

Congratulations, Alexei!

That is great news.

Anonymous said...


How do I create an autoresponder link to my blog? I have a blog at and I am also have a TrafficWave autoresponder.

Please help me.


Brian Rooney, LLC said...

Hi, Joseph.

Just scroll down the blog at to:

"How To Add An AutoResponder Subscription Form To Your Blog"

and follow the instructions you see there.

Brian Rooney LLC

Nilse said...

Hi, Brian
Its only true!
Im leaning you training through Traffic Wave and planing my first business, I want sart as sson as possible.
Thanks for assistance.

David Lee Y S said...

AR is a MUST for anyone with a business and TW is the one to go. Great service! BEST price! And I'm glad that I had make the shift to this service provider as now I can (and have) set up unlimited list without worry about my AR subscription fees increase.

eglobal said...

I often read in forums that money is in the list therefore AR is indispensable. I've setup my AR trying out get some sign ups but unfortunately it's produce no positive results at the moment eventhough I'm offering free report.

Something must be wrong here. Is it the problem with my landing page? Or is it the problem with the place I'm advertising in? It sounds so simple but yet so hard.

Brian Rooney, LLC said...

It could be the landing page. It could be the offer itself. It could be the place you are advertising. It could be any, all, or none of those things.

Without specifics, nobody can really tell.

Are you tracking your advertising results to see if you are getting responses to your advertising?

If you are not tracking your results, start now. That's the only way you can really know what is going on with any given campaign.