Saturday, November 1, 2008

How To Add An AutoResponder Subscription Form To Your Blog

Hi, Folks.

Here's a quick way to add a subscrption form for your AutoResponder to your blogger blog.

1) Log in to your back office at

2) Go to the AutoResponder you want to work with.

3) Click "Capture Pages".

4) Click "Generate Capture Page Form Data (HTML)".

5) Click "Select All" and copy the form code in the window.

6) In a new browser window, log in to your blog.

7) Under "Settings" click the "Layout" Tab.

8) Click "Add A Gadget".

9) Click the "HTML/Javascript" Gadget.

10) Enter a Title (This will appear on your blog)

11) Paste the subscription form code in to the big text field.

12) Click "Save".

Feel free to make any edits by going back to your new Gadget. It will be labeled as the title you typed in when you set it up.


Ravindranath said...

Hello Brian,
I am Dr Ravindranath from India- your downline for TEP. I have just added TW code In to my blog as stated by you and preserved your bolg url for furthur reference.This is awsome technology.

Have look at my blog and enter once in to my TW totest whether my TW system works correctly or not?
my blog address is

yours truely
Ravindranath Gollar

Nathan Gurley said...

Thanks for the step-by-step information putting subscription forms on your blog.

Every business, group, or club needs a way to efficiently keep contact with their custormers or members and is by far the easiest to work with.

It's helpful postings like this that add value to Trafficwave above and beyond the features.

Alexei Zoubov said...

Thanks for the hint, it helped, although I have my own blog, I will place a form there immediately!

Unrelated point: I was a professional musician all my life (saxes, etc.), look

Brian Rooney, LLC said...

Alexei ... it's an honor! Thanks for sharing your trax. Really nice stuff!


Ravindranath ... you can test your form by using the form to subscribe one of your email addresses.


Thanks for the kind words, Nathan!

Brian Rooney LLC

Brian Rooney, LLC said...

Alexei ... "It Ain't Mean A Thing" is just HOT!

Anabella said...

I love how your blog is coming along and for all the great information you will provide here about autoresponders and TrafficWave.

I have been using the TW service now for about 2 months and have built a subscriber's list of close to 400. I have sent them a mail about your blog because some of them are bloggers, and I am sure many more are interested in learning.

Once again, thanks for providing this great information. It is very helpful to many.

I have also placed a subscription form on my site. I have placed it in the top right-hand corner because I do use traffic exchanges from time-to-time. Have to clean it up a little bit, but here is an example on subscription form placement should anybody else market on traffic exchanges.

Brian Rooney, LLC said...

Looks good, Anabella!

Thanks for spreading the word.

And congratulations on your list building success!

Brian Rooney LLC

Hector Herrera said...

Thank you for the tip on how to add the Traffic Wave form to my Blog.
It was really easy.I have to test it .

Ravindranath said...

Thanks for reply Brion.

Dr Ravindranath

Your Business Tips said...

Hi Brian,

I have just completed the setting up of my Blog, with the auto responder form as per your training articles. Fantastic! I have been running a Blog since a few years now, but on the older templates and was reticent to change to the new version because I could not transfer my right hand column logos and things to the new template. But I have decided to jump in the water now and do it. So it has started.

Could you please have a look and become a follower, and maybe add a comment to the first article posted?

Thanks for all the great stuff you are feeding us with.


barkhousebob said...

Hi Brian,

I just wanted to thank you for this great tip on how to add the subscription form to a blog. I have been trying to figure this out on my on with no luck. Now I have the form on my blog at and it looks great. Funny how easy things are once you get the right advice.

Thanks again,


Brian Rooney, LLC said...

that's what we're here for! The blog and form look great.

Just a note: You don't need to use "F*ree" in your blog. It actually interrupts the eye while reading which can hurt your conversion rate quite bit.

Brian Rooney LLC

O.O.D. said...

i just added my form! and because of your perfect description it took me 5 mins only:)
yours o.o.d.
enjoy and have a pleasant day!

Nil- Home Office said...

Hi Brian, I Just made my subscription!
Im waiting for your visit!

Thanks so, I love Traffic Wave!
Our Success!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post Brian, I put it on my blog immediatly.

andrew said...

hi there can i ask if where i could find the subscription form code that i can paste in brief on instruction man thanks

Brian Rooney, LLC said...

Hi, Andrew.

You commented to a post that IS the answer to your question.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the push, have finally added the sign up form to my Wordpress blog:

Wordpress blogs are more complicated to modify, if you need help ask and you will receive.

all the best

shyamala said...

I'm a new blogger. Not a tech person so, autoresponders and capture page, squeeze page confuse me. I was wondering about how to put any such things on my blog... not anymore. Your post is so helpful, I feel I'm able to do it.
I have bookmarked your blog so that I can read all your posts.
PS: Please visit my blog
and leave a comment or two. I'll welcome any suggestions.

Marina Skachek said...

Thanks a lot!!! Ive spent so much time trying to find out how to place the subscribe form from my autoresponder! Thank you!