Monday, October 27, 2008

When will search engines pick this blog link up?

I'm curious as  to how long it will take Google and/or other SE's and directories to index my new blog.

I used a service today called PingMyBlog to let other blog services know about this new blog.

I've seen some of my discussion posts take over 2 years to get indexed by Google.

I've seen some articles get indexed within mere hours by Google.

So let's see what happens with this blog, shall we?


Bill Darton said...

Good Luck With Your New Blog Brian!
As you said 'better late than never.' From what i hear these blogs can get picked up pretty quickly.

Brian Rooney, LLC said...

As of 11:52PM on Oct 29, 2008 ... this blog was picked up by Google. Not bad!

Tom Munson said...

Hey Brian, nice little blog you've got going here.

One of the things I do to get my blogs indexed quickly is to submit the rss feed to The SE's seem to index that site all the time and will pick you up in a matter of hours.

Ive been mostly using free wordpress blogs like this one which seem to rank really high for whatever keyword phrases you put in the url, title and post but blogger is a very good platform also.

Keep it up, I like it.